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Are you looking to find a car accident doctor? Often, finding a doctor who will accept your auto insurance as payment for medical bills is very hard. You will be making a lot of calls or making quite an effort for nothing. However, with the help of Auto Injury Doctors, you can now find a suitable doctor for a diverse range of medical needs. With our network of some of the best medical professionals, you can find whoever meets your requirements.

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Depending on your injuries, time after the accident or other issues, you will want to find a specialist that suits your medical needs. Our auto injury doctors are fully aware of the legal complications, and know the necessities such as documentation of the process, correctly billing your insurance company and working through your car insurance to get payment. It will help you in your personal injury case when you try to file it for compensation.

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Spine Surgery

Car accidents often lead to a range of back injuries. Depending on their severity, you will want to find a spine surgery specialist as soon as possible. We have a range of different professionals who can tend to your back injuries.



If your lower limbs or feet have been injured due to a car injury, then you need to find a podiatrist. They are auto injury doctors who specialize in that area.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help you with your motion, and accelerate your recovery. Such sessions improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles.


Pain Management Specialist

After a car accident, you must find a pain management specialist as soon as possible, especially to treat various types of pain. Auto Injury Doctors has a list of different specialists in this niche.


Orthopedic Surgeons

If you suffered serious bone or joint injuries after your car accident, you will want to find an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.

Featured Services


Virtual Doctors

Auto Injury Doctors has a wide network of professionals who can also provide telemedicine or virtual care depending on the need of the patients. Please bear in mind that some patient-care practices require you to come to the healthcare facility. We can facilitate you by providing transportation for your appointment. Contact Virtual Doctors


Urgent Care

Depending on severity of your accident, our professionals can easily provide urgent care within a short span of time. We are quick, efficient and we can also provide transportation services according to the situation

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Transportation Facility as per Requirement

As professionals who care about you and your needs, Auto Injury Doctors goes an extra mile in facilitating you. We provide complimentary transportation services to your appointments if you need them. This facility is included just to make your recovery process faster, and your healing journey easier.


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Why Choose Auto Injury Doctors?

The time after suffering from a car accident is one of the most traumatic ones. You are physically hurt and suffering from a range of injuries. However, that is not the only complication. There are also legal implications of your condition. Usually, your primary care practitioners will not be able to help you, since medical bill payment in such a scenario is a complex matter. Your doctor may need to work with an attorney and get the bills from insurance companies.

We understand how crucial it is to focus on your recovery process, and not tire you on medical billing or out-of-pocket payments. It is for that matter that we offer a flawless solution for your problems. We understand the importance of finding a good doctor who is also equipped with the legal knowledge and documentation of your medical treatments.


Top Field Doctors of Various States

Our professional network has the best doctors on lien in their respective fields. Whether you are looking for a pain management specialist, or orthopaedic surgeon, you will find highly experienced professionals in our network who can provide excellent patient-care and accelerate your recovery process.


Highly Personalized Care

Auto Injury Doctors was made to address the issues of the car accident victims and provide them with a hassle-free process of finding the exact doctor according to their needs. We provide a highly personalized experience for all our prospects who are looking for supportive and reliable medical healthcare professionals.


Professionals with Law Expertise

It is quite a common occurrence that your primary care doctor will not see you. It is often the case that your doctor either wants to avoid any legal implications of the car injuries, or they may not be set up to ask the insurance companies for medical billing. Compared to that, our professionals are adept at handling all legal documentation of bills, and ask for payment from your auto insurance company.

Got Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding car accident doctors or auto injury laws, you should head to our FAQ section. If you want to read more information on the topic, you will want to check our Blog section.

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